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美国麻州波士顿某Niche A+ 初高中的招生部副主管。每年招生季面试50+美国本土和来自世界各地的国际生。她本科毕业于美国东北大学,研究生毕业于乔治华盛顿大学教育系。 她致力于英语教育及学生发展, 曾于上海最大k-12外教机构担任培训讲师,同时还设计并监制音乐剧与英文相结合的课程。 她注重挖掘每个孩子闪光点, 让孩子在保证的学术水平基础上,发挥特长,让普通的孩子也能在招生官眼中成为最闪光最特别的那一个。 她爱好广泛,性格开朗,多才多艺,业余时间,她喜欢芭蕾,戏剧,也在波士顿相声社当主持人。

Brief introduction on Miss Liu:

Working as the Admission Associate at an A+ k-6-12 school in Massachusetts, for each admission cycle Miss Liu will interview more than 50 applicants from all over the world. 
She graduated with a BA from Northeastern University in Boston, and a MA in International Education from George Washington University in D.C. She is dedicated on students’ education and development. She embarked her career by working as the teacher trainer at the biggest K-12 education facilities in Shanghai featuring immersive English learning experience with foreign teachers, she also designed and supervised musical theatre curricular. She pays attention on student’s individuality, let student shine in their own way. She is also a talented ENFJ personnel, she enjoys ballet and theatre. In her leisure time, you can find her hosting comedy show at Boston Fuyun Comedy Club.

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